About Us


Soul Sistas was founded in the name of providing a sense of Sisterhood among black womxn. Though we sometimes share pain, we can also share healing and happy moments.

For every FIVE key-chains we sell, we give free ones to black womxn who are escaping domestic violence through mutual aid in the Twin Cities.

Not everything we do is broadcasted, and mostly for safety reasons. But  we wanted folx to know why I decided to put this collection together as a part of our brand for this reason, We deserve to feel safe and take up space.

"I grew up, watching womxn in my life go through awful things I will not repeat. In turn, I also experienced violence. I feel strongly about our protection, wellness, and healing." - Turqouya Williams, Founder and CEO of Soul Sistas LLC MN

Be kind; for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Love and Light